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DAD: A Personal Journey



This book helped me heal and I know it will be the same for you. It helped me forgive and let go of all the hurt and anger that came from being rejected by the one person I really loved, respected, and honored, my Earthly Dad. Growing up, My Earthly Dad and I were very close, I will follow him everywhere he went. I respected him and looked up to him, above all I trusted him.

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SAY It!: You will have what you say!



There is a Higher law called the "law of confession" that governs what you say. If you have heard the saying what goes around comes around then this law is like that saying! which is; What you say will either come back to bite you or to bless you! You choose...What is it going to be? 99.99% of the time you are speaking anyway therefore why not train yourself to only say the words that will Bless! Preserve! Uplift! Increase! Promote! And Prosper You.

WOW Daily: November 2021

It is Good News! Everyday is your chance to live the beauty and greatness you were born for! WOW Daily will help you create and live the life you were born to have everyday; a life of beauty, prosperity, greatness and joy!

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